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The Inspiration Behind Selling Beautiful Swedish Gifts

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With their unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship, Swedish products are timeless finds people want in their homes. Fortunately, a pair of newlyweds wished to provide this for their community. With their business-minded dynamic, they opened their brick-and-mortar store in Royal Palm Square called A Swedish Affair, Inc., which primarily featured wood handicrafts and crystal from Kosta Boda.

Our Products Are 100% Swedish

In 1984, the couple traveled across Sweden to look for beautiful yet traditional Swedish gifts that people would enjoy and take home with them. As years passed, they began to include other goods in their store, such as Orrefors crystal glassware, Danish paper cut-outs, books, jewelry, Christmas items (lots of tomtar or Swedish gnomes), and a wide variety of Scandinavian food.

In the ’90s, they took their business online, creating a website to showcase and sell their products to a broader audience.

Turning the Family Background into a Heartfelt Business

Our store depicts the Swedish culture because of our founders’ strong connection with the country.

Co-owner Yvonne was born in Danderyd and studied in Stockholm, where most of her family still resides. The owners also spent summers in Dalarna for about 15 years, building relationships with Scandinavian artists and craftspeople. By leveraging Yvonne’s knowledge of her homeland and family connections, they curated an exceptional selection of gifts, including unique items like electric candoliers and Swedish dishcloths.

Yvonne’s husband, a former schoolteacher in Indiana, developed his love for Sweden after moving to Florida in 1969 and befriending a group of Swedes at a Swedish company called Munters. During his first trip to Sweden in 1981, he met Yvonne, and together they built a collection of Scandinavian gifts they are proud of.

Today, A Swedish Affair, Inc. continues to operate its physical store in Royal Palm Square on Colonial Blvd. in Fort Myers, FL. In addition to Scandinavian crafts, customers can also find a selection of cards, Woodstock chimes, and Solmate socks. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, serving customers in Fort Myers, FL, and worldwide.

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