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Set the Ambiance of the Christmas Season with an Electric Candolier

electric candolierCreating the perfect atmosphere for the holidays can be as much fun as the celebrations themselves. One of the ways that people in Sweden traditionally create authentic ambiance is with candoliers. These triangular centerpieces have a long history as instantly recognizable Swedish Christmas décor, and adding one to your home lends a little extra warmth and cheer to any occasion.

In the past, they were made with wax candles and live greenery, but today’s technology offers a distinct upgrade to the ease of creating a welcoming atmosphere. You can do just that by using an electric candolier. Crafted in the shape of the traditional piece, these contemporary products produce safe, instant light without messy clean-up or the need to replace melted candles.

If you want to embrace the seasonal spirit, there’s no better way than with an eye-catching display that’s emblematic of the cheer and history behind Swedish culture. The Nordic flair provided by the candolier blends perfectly with other Christmas decorations while also connecting your space with the unique craftsmanship and care that Sweden brings to one of its favorite occasions. Plus, a candolier’s visual appeal offers a great conversation starter between friends, family, and visitors as you enjoy Christmas with the people you love.

The History of the Swedish Tomte

swedish tomteToday, Father Christmas is an easily recognizable figure across the world. The classic image that most people have of him, however, comes from a more enigmatic piece of folklore. The Swedish tomte, originally perceived as a spirit residing on farms and looking out for their wellbeing, has a long and storied history that makes it one of the most interesting pieces of the country’s culture.

Tomte translated means “homestead man,” and this is a fairly straightforward interpretation of what the mythological being is meant to be. It is believed that the first of the spirits were originally human — the very first farmer, who continued to tend to his home after passing away.

If one has an orderly farm that runs well, for example, it might be a sign that a tomte is lending a hand to the current owners. They tend to reside in specific areas, such as barns or pantries and take care of the house or much-valued farm animals. Their association with winter comes from the help they are said to give when the days get darker, and there is much work to be done before Christmas.

From this association and other popular figures grew Saint Nicolas or Father Christmas. The traditional interpretation of him as an older, good-natured man was adopted by the Coca Cola company in their famous early advertising. From there, the tomte became a welcome presence around the world — if only by a different name.

What Does the Dala Horse Symbolize?

swedish dala horseIf you’re familiar with Sweden at all, you’ve likely seen the Dalecarlian or Dala horse before. It’s one of the most popular images of Swedish folk art, often carved from wood or appearing in prints and patterns. Unfortunately, however, no one can say for sure what the original meaning or story behind the horses is.

Swedish woodcarvers have produced wooden horses for centuries, typically as toys for children. References to wooden horses for sale date back to the 17th century. These early horses typically weren’t painted like the more modern Dala horses. Painting the horses a solid color became common in the 19th century, with further painted decorations coming later.

There is one popular tale about the origin of the Swedish Dala horse, although it cannot be verified. The story goes that in the winter of 1716, while King Charles XII waged war, soldiers were quartered in many private homes. However, food was scarce for all. One soldier carved a horse, painted it, and presented it to the child in the home he was staying. In return for the toy, the child’s mother gave the soldier a bowl of soup. They repeated this exchange, and soon, other soldiers began craving horses to barter for food. Thus, the Dala horse is said to have helped the Swedish army survive the long winter.

Special Scandinavian Crafts and Goods for Christmas

The Christmas season is special for Scandinavians. It’s been celebrated in the region for centuries, with many of the oldest traditions persisting even today. The snowy landscape itself looks like something from a Christmas card. Furthermore, the cultural emphasis on “hygge,” or a sense of cozy togetherness, dovetails nicely with the holiday.

You too can bring Scandinavians charm to your Christmas by choosing the ideal gifts for your loved ones. With so many Scandinavian crafts and goods available to order online, it’s easy to find the perfect present for everyone special in your life. We recommend the following décor and gifts to make your holiday memorable.

Seasonal Papercut Mobiles: Papercrafts are popular worldwide, including in Scandinavia. For a small gift that’s sure to charm anyone, you can’t go wrong with a seasonal papercut mobile.

3D Paper Christmas Trees and Stars: Papercraft miniature trees and stars are great for beautifying any Christmas display. They are also great for brightening up table settings.

Cookbooks: The chefs and bakers in your circle will enjoy trying out authentic Scandinavian recipes. Also, if you cook as well, you’re sure to find the perfect recipe for Christmas dinner in these cookbooks.

Straw Yule Goat: As a traditional Christmas display, straw Yule goats can be found in homes and businesses across Sweden during the holiday season. Add one to your own home or gift it to a friend.

Our products make perfect gifts and can brighten up your home as well. Make the Christmas season special with authentic Scandinavian crafts and goods.

Memorable Scandinavian Gifts

Scandinavian Crafts | SwedensFinest.com

Are you looking for presents that exemplify the many charms of Scandinavia? Thanks to online shopping at SwedensFinest.com, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect Scandinavian crafts and gifts for your family and friends. You can order items made by Scandinavian artists and craftspeople from anywhere in the United States. Here are some popular presents to get you started on your shopping journey.

Scandinavian Knitting Motifs: Do you know someone who loves to knit? Get them a book listing the many famous Scandinavian motifs. These patterns are famous worldwide for their geometric beauty and intricate designs.

Alder Wood Trivets: There’s nothing better than hot food on cold days. However, no one wants to damage the table with a scorching dish. Hand-carved alder wood trivets are perfect for protecting tables while also enhancing the aesthetics of the table setting.

Almond Cake Pans and Trays: Almond cake is a beloved dessert in every Scandinavian country with many different variations available. An almond cake pan or tray would make a great gift for any baker in your life—and maybe you’ll get to enjoy the results as well!

Straw Christmas Goat: Every Yuletide season, goats decorate homes throughout Scandinavia. You may have also heard of the giant Gävle goat erected each year, which is infamous for getting burnt down by vandals before Christmas almost annually. Give your loved one his or her own straw goat to enjoy during the holidays; however, we definitely do not recommend burning it.


A Brief History of Dala Horses

Swedish Dala Horse | SwedensFinest.com

The little wooden horses of Sweden were originally carved by men that worked in the forests during the winter. When they returned to their villages, they gave the horses to children as playthings. This was in the 17th century during which the horses were also sold at market in small towns and villages in the Dalarna region, in central Sweden. The horses were painted in bright colors that were inspired by the furniture in the region. Eventually, even young children learned to carve wooden horses, and, in 1928, one family founded a business producing the Dala horses. They are still producing the horses today in the village of Nusnäs in Dalarna.

The colorful wooden horse debuted internationally at the world fair in Paris in 1936, where it garnered enough attention that the Swedish committee at the fair decided to showcase the horses at the next fair. In 1939, at the New York World’s Fair, a Dala wooden horse became notable around the world. That was because an enormous painted Dala horse was placed outside the Swedish pavilion, which caused excitement throughout the crowds of visitors. In the year following the exhibition, it’s been said that more than 20,000 Dala horses were shipped to New York and the Swedish Dala horse immediately became a symbol for Sweden.


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