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Special Scandinavian Crafts and Goods for Christmas

The Christmas season is special for Scandinavians. It’s been celebrated in the region for centuries, with many of the oldest traditions persisting even today. The snowy landscape itself looks like something from a Christmas card. Furthermore, the cultural emphasis on “hygge,” or a sense of cozy togetherness, dovetails nicely with the holiday.

You too can bring Scandinavians charm to your Christmas by choosing the ideal gifts for your loved ones. With so many Scandinavian crafts and goods available to order online, it’s easy to find the perfect present for everyone special in your life. We recommend the following décor and gifts to make your holiday memorable.

Seasonal Papercut Mobiles: Papercrafts are popular worldwide, including in Scandinavia. For a small gift that’s sure to charm anyone, you can’t go wrong with a seasonal papercut mobile.

3D Paper Christmas Trees and Stars: Papercraft miniature trees and stars are great for beautifying any Christmas display. They are also great for brightening up table settings.

Cookbooks: The chefs and bakers in your circle will enjoy trying out authentic Scandinavian recipes. Also, if you cook as well, you’re sure to find the perfect recipe for Christmas dinner in these cookbooks.

Straw Yule Goat: As a traditional Christmas display, straw Yule goats can be found in homes and businesses across Sweden during the holiday season. Add one to your own home or gift it to a friend.

Our products make perfect gifts and can brighten up your home as well. Make the Christmas season special with authentic Scandinavian crafts and goods.

Memorable Scandinavian Gifts

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Are you looking for presents that exemplify the many charms of Scandinavia? Thanks to online shopping at, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect Scandinavian crafts and gifts for your family and friends. You can order items made by Scandinavian artists and craftspeople from anywhere in the United States. Here are some popular presents to get you started on your shopping journey.

Scandinavian Knitting Motifs: Do you know someone who loves to knit? Get them a book listing the many famous Scandinavian motifs. These patterns are famous worldwide for their geometric beauty and intricate designs.

Alder Wood Trivets: There’s nothing better than hot food on cold days. However, no one wants to damage the table with a scorching dish. Hand-carved alder wood trivets are perfect for protecting tables while also enhancing the aesthetics of the table setting.

Almond Cake Pans and Trays: Almond cake is a beloved dessert in every Scandinavian country with many different variations available. An almond cake pan or tray would make a great gift for any baker in your life—and maybe you’ll get to enjoy the results as well!

Straw Christmas Goat: Every Yuletide season, goats decorate homes throughout Scandinavia. You may have also heard of the giant Gävle goat erected each year, which is infamous for getting burnt down by vandals before Christmas almost annually. Give your loved one his or her own straw goat to enjoy during the holidays; however, we definitely do not recommend burning it.